Xandres commits to digital experience

The omnichannel customer first

At Xandres’s new flagship store, digital technology is completely geared towards improving the customer service. Fitting booths were fitted with kiosks for in-store online shopping, a Xandres app was launched, and large screens create a real wow effect!

Technology to serve the customer

Xandres goes all out

The launch of the flagship store in Antwerp doubles as the first expression of the retailer’s new brand and store strategy. Xandres opted for an inclusive brand strategy where the retailer eliminated the distinction based on age or size. As such, the new slogan ‘We are all Xandres’ results in a subtle merger between the plus-size brand Xandres Gold and the Xandres brand.

New concept

Digital innovation

In addition, the retailer commits to digital innovation for improved customer service and a better experience. Kiosks at the fitting booths bring the online store into the physical store and digital screens enforce the brand experience. The Xandres app is yet another element in the improved customer experience. In the app, the customer composes a fitting list that is brought to the fitting booth by an assigned stock employee. Win-win: the store employee has more time for the customer and the customer no longer has to drag four pieces around the store.

The physical store remains very important, though buying behaviour has changed. It is now less about pure shopping for fun. People digitally prepare their shipping trip and expectations are higher, in part due to social media. That is why the shopping experience has to be flawless.

Patrick Desrumaux

Xandres’s Director

Relevant touch points

Digital strategy

“Xandres adopted digital screens a while ago, but for this flagship store, we wanted a little something extra,” says Jomme Sonck, Retail Account Manager with DOBIT. “We started by heading out together with the Xandres team to look at realisations in the market and gain as much inspiration as possible. Next, we organised a workshop with Wave of Engagement to analyse what digital innovations would be of true added value to the Xandres customer.” The result is a high-end flagship store that is 100% in line with the values of the brand and where technology is an inherent part of the whole.

Sweet spot between technology and application

The best fit!

LED walls are now an indispensable part of shopping streets, but Xandres deliberately opted for a high-bright screen in the shop window instead of LED. “The latest or most expensive technology isn’t necessarily the best option for the application,” says Jomme Sonck.


“We installed a beautiful LED wall in the shop window of the Xandres store in Woluwe several weeks ago but for the flagship store, we opted for a high-quality high-bright screen. Taking the viewing distance into consideration, the content comes across much better in this case.”