Interactive visits

Guides show visitors around a range of key departments. At six locations on the tour, known as factory tour corners, there are built-in 46” IDS screens. Stopping there, the guides can supplement the information they give by showing a series of short films. This not only helps visitors to keep track of the steps in the production process, but also allows them to see those parts of the factory that they cannot actually visit. In short: the Elo IDS screens are an outstanding addition to the tours at Audi Brussels!

Satisfied users

Complete tour

Visitors have indicated great satisfaction with the factory visits and the factory tour corners. Christine Germain adds: "We regularly survey participants’ satisfaction, and their response is nearly always extremely positive. We have also noticed their appreciation through the number of new bookings we receive. Visitors are highly enthusiastic, and word of mouth is really getting the job done. Within the first six months of the year we had already welcomed more than 10,000 visitors, and this with virtually no marketing! The guides have also confirmed how much the screens contribute to the tour. It allows them to complete the picture, and to reveal things that would otherwise remain hidden."


The factory tours are an ambitious project for Audi. The aim is to give visitors a really good look at the entire production process, and to enhance Audi’s image both as an employer and as a brand. At DOBIT, we took up the challenge of transforming their ideas about this into real technological solutions and excellent content.