Digital signage adapted to target group

Brantano communicates dynamically and relevant

Brantano is back with a brand new store concept that has something for both young and old. The new baseline ‘like a walk in the park’ sums it up perfectly: Brantano is a place where people from all walks of life can come together and where there’s a spot for everyone. In addition to its shoe range, the retailer has added three clothing areas, and several digital implementations ensure a modern finishing touch.

3D foot Scan

Scan, choose and match

The 3D foot scan system has long been Brantano’s trademark. With the new store concept, the retailer is taking things a step further. ‘As well as the 3D foot scan, we have also integrated ‘checkpoints’ into several parts of the store’ explains Roeline Ham, Brand Manager at Brantano. ‘These are interactive screens where the customer scans their loyalty card and the bar code on the shoebox. The system then indicates whether the chosen pair is indeed a good match.’

These interactive checkpoints act as an extra sales channel: ‘If the right shoe isn't available, the customer can use this touch point to check which stores do have the shoe in stock, or consult the webshop and still order the right pair’ adds Roeline.

From head to toe

Line extension

Brantano has added three clothing areas to the shoe range, where men, women and children can browse through the collection. ‘We’ve installed digital screens with inspiring content in these areas’ explains Roeline. ‘Via these signage screens, we display campaign images and brand images that fit within the look and feel of the concept. We want to use this to inspire customers and emphasise the park feel even further. The screens provide excellent image quality and they’re also well integrated into the overall concept. They really do justice to the content.’

That tastes moreish

Customers like it

The first reactions have been positive. ‘We surveyed around 1,000 customers via exit polls’ explains Roeline. The results show that everyone particularly appreciates the new, modern aspect of the store. It’s a successful upgrade, without compromising on the range of shoes we offer.’

In total eight Brantano stores have already been updated. By 2018, all 100 branches will be fitted out with this brand new concept.

The investment in the whole digital signage platform will definitely pay off in the long term. Because we control everything centrally via Scala, we can change and adjust the content much more quickly, at a relatively low cost.