Dynamic instore communication

With over 200 stores, Colruyt is the Belgian leader in the supermarket sector. The environment and corporate social responsibility are key to the company’s philosophy. Communicating fairly, openly and efficiently is a given. Colruyt was looking for a dynamic, flexible and eco-friendly communication channel and they were eager to embrace digital signage.

Efficient, effective and affordable

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Colruyt has a long tradition of customer communication. They use posters, brochures and video screens to inform customers about the origin of products or the group’s energy-saving measures and job vacancies. With digital signage Colruyt found a dynamic, flexible and eco-friendly communication channel. There's even more: digital signage makes it possible for the marketing department to manage a whole network of energy-efficient screens: an ideal solution for Colruyt!


It’s very important to communicate consistently both in terms of form and content. For Colruyt this means that core values such as simplicity, authenticity and efficiency must be reflected. Tests show that customers also feel the same way. The effects of this system are easily measured. Mission accomplished!



From plan to implementation

Return On Message

ROM support consists of three phases: an analysis of the critical success factors, setting up a real-life test situation and translating the test results into concrete recommendations. The aim of this ROM analysis is to get a clear picture of the factors that have a positive influence on the Return On Message. "This preliminary investigation is very time-consuming, but we do see that it offers incredible added value!", says Nele Bruers. "The findings enable us to carefully consider and implement our screen communication. Because efficient, effective and affordable digital communication is our goal!"