Digital concepts that support shop concept

Spar is totally future-proof

It’s a huge contrast with the ‘previous generation Spar’. The shelves, aisles and cash registers look completely different and the retailer presents a real ‘market feel’. The store is fresh, modern, has a new façade and proudly displays Spar Colruyt Group's new logo. Spar is taking a great leap forward with the digital aspect too.

The digital concept

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Customers who shop at Spar often pop in several times a week for smaller purchases, meet their neighbours and sometimes have a chat with the shop owners. In short the personal approach is typical and crucial for Spar. ‘DOBIT got to work on our objectives at very short notice and translated them into digital applications that fit our image perfectly' explains Kristof De Nayer, head of Operational Marketing at Retail Partners Colruyt Group. Each of these concepts supports Spar's warm and personal approach. So there’s a welcome screen at the entrance that introduces staff and the screens in the fresh produce aisles provide more background information about the origin and quality of the products.

In our ‘old’ stores we already had screens but it didn’t go much further than displaying special offers. With the concepts devised by DOBIT, we’re taking full advantage of the possibilities of digital communication. What’s more, everything is nicely integrated into the store concept. The overall picture fits.


Head of operational marketing

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Recipe machine

'The recipe machine gives a few suggestions as standard, and customers can also search for recipes themselves based on their preferences', explains Nele Bruers, Business Development Manager at DOBIT. 'Customers can email the recipes or scan the QR code in order to buy the right ingredients. This is great because it also highlights Spar’s ‘Kookmagazine’, since these recipes are also featured in there.'

From concept to implementation

Full service

‘Everything went exactly to plan with the Spar project. In addition to full ROM support, we installed the screens, created content and also took care of the application for the recipe machine’, explains Nele Bruers. ‘Everyone at DOBIT was closely involved in this project and thanks to open communication we had rapid feedback.’