Retail Self-Service Solution

A kiosk for any application

A self-service kiosk is a very powerful tool to help your physical store make a difference. Not only does brand experience get a ‘boost’, but customer experience, efficiency, and sales also improve.


The applications of a self-service kiosk (also known as an information kiosk or in-store kiosk) are diverse and perfectly adaptable to your store concept and purpose: from an in-store e-shop to digital product advice or product information point, we like to brainstorm with you to come to a self-service solution that really pays off.

Mix & match

Configure and manage your kiosks

Not only are the applications of a self-service kiosk numerous, but the choice of the in-store kiosk solution itself raises many questions and concerns. What hardware are you using? How do I manage my application and what about updates, security, and content management?


By mapping out all facets in advance, you arrive at a self-service application that is efficient, sustainable, and future-proof.

Configure your ideal kiosk

Everything starts with the choice of quality hardware; we can’t ignore that. We are therefore proud to have been a loyal partner of Elo touch solutions, the inventor of the touchscreen, since 1990. Did you know that our first ‘touch project’ was a self-service kiosk in a sports centre? Yep, we go way back!

When you opt for the Elo I series and Elo IDS series, you’re opting for a durable and flexible solution that lends itself perfectly to your self-service solution. Because not only the quality, but also the size of the screen, the way you want to integrate it into your shop (against the wall, on a stand, etc.), and available peripheral equipment are choices that make or break your application.

Manage your kiosks

Simple, safe, and future-proof

Will you opt for a single self-service solution in different shops or will you choose different kiosk applications spread across multiple locations?


EloView allows you to maintain an overview of your kiosk network and remotely manage all your Android devices. From updates to version management and content management: all the steering is done via one central platform in a highly secure environment. With EloView, you can reduce operational costs and increase uptime and safety.

Android Enterprise

The days when Android only focused on consumer mobile devices are long gone. Android Enterprise translates the usability and familiarity of Android into a professional platform for your business.


Android Enterprise is a perfect alternative to Windows IOT, and puts security and efficient management first. In short: a reliable platform for controlling your kiosk solution.


Curious about all the benefits of Android Enterprise for your kiosk solutions? What impact does this have on your business and what about updates, security, and manageability?


Sign up for our Android Enterprise Webinar today and get ready for the future!

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